Digital file Body Portrait

Digital file Body Portrait

This is a custom digital file copy of a portrait of your body. For inspiration on poses and other portraits please check out @bodsbybode on Instagram!

You will not receive a physical portrait but a digital file copy sent to your email address.

You can request a 12" x 16" print too for $55 by emailing me at [email protected] prior to purchase.

Patreon members receive 50% off when signing up and can cancel at anytime.

If you are ordering a portrait please let me know what you would like included or removed from the image you send. Please also let me know if you would like a title at the top Eg. Marissa's Boobies, John's body, Alex's Ass, Brenda's Booty. lol

Rules below:

Once you order please email your image/s to [email protected]

Portraits are of front and back of body no faces will be included unless specifically requested.

Please do not send any visible genitalia. Visible pubic mound is okay but please no visible genitals thank-you! If you would like a portrait drawn with genitals please contact me first and we can discuss the terms of the drawing and what I am able to do!!

When you are emailing your picture please use the same email address that you used to make the order.

The turnaround from receiving your image until the portrait is emailed back to you is between 1-7 days.

You must be 18+ to order.

You must not send another persons image to me without their permission.

Orders expire after 12 months.

You can have your image anonymously shared with a caption of your choosing on @bodsbybode